Recruitment process outsourcing

Is your company's talent acquisition program equipped to deal with unforeseen events, altering goals, or abrupt changes? In these uncertain times, your company's success hinges on your ability to attract, retain, and manage the appropriate people. Our best-in-class RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions assist businesses in locating and hiring the best employees more quickly.

Global HR Outsourcing

Many businesses are feeling the strain of constantly changing legislation and severe penalties for non-compliance and may worry they can't keep up. We can assist your HR department and ensure that you are constantly compliant and efficient with the best HR practices in terms of your global HR outsourcing at VRS Square International Services.

Recruiter’s training programs

Are you looking for one of the highly-rated recruiter training programs? VRS Square International Services offers corporate recruiting teams, third-party/agency recruiters, and executive search consultants with a range of comprehensive and distinctive recruiter training packages. Our in-house recruiter training programs are tailored to help businesses acquire a competitive advantage in all elements of the hiring process.

Campus hiring

VRS Square International Services has seasoned industry professionals on board to assist our clients in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates with campus hiring. Each of the professionals involved in our campus hiring services is well-versed in the 360-degree recruitment cycle and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Payroll management

The payroll processing, time and attendance, and tax support services provided by VRS Square International Services are highly acclaimed. We are proud of the personal attention we give to each of our clients, building trusting relationships based on years of experience. With our cutting-edge and inventive payroll administration systems, you may choose what works best for your business.

Background verification

Our background verification is rigorous and provides detailed information on the employee's various features. You can recruit the appropriate individuals right away with our entire range of pre-employment background screening and verification services.

Human Capital Management

We provide HCM cloud-based human resource, financial management, talent, payroll, benefits, and end-user support across the entire spectrum of human resource, financial management, talent, payroll, benefits, and end-user support. Regardless of the size or kind of your firm, you will be supported by local professionals with global reach via numerous global delivery centers. Our human capital management systems boost employee productivity and assist HR managers in hiring, engaging, and retaining employees. You can expect unified HR services, the elimination of costly redundancies, and the synchronization of data in a trustworthy source of decision-making with our integrated HCM software solution.

Complete HRM Software And Integration

VRS Square International Services' complete HRM software solution is laser-focused on providing strategic human resource management that fosters new ideas while maintaining a high level of morale and productivity across the whole workforce. SAP, ORACLE, and a host of our strategic and customized HRM software and integration are tailor-made to support your organization's entire HRM strategy and operations, including recruitment, biometric attendance, training, administration, and performance management.